2nd October 2019


Do all Visa gift cards charge a fee?

Some bank-issued gift cards even charge a fee for simply checking the balance of a gift card. Visa gift cards, for example, expire two years after being issued, in addition to charging a monthly administrative fee of $2.50 starting six months after the activation date.

So, how much does a visa gift card cost at Walmart?

Purchase Fee
Purchase Fee
$50 Walmart Visa Gift Card$3.94
$100 Walmart Visa Gift Card$5.44
$200 Walmart Visa Gift Card$5.44
$25-$500 Walmart Visa Gift Card$5.44 or less

Do they charge to buy a gift card?

Dormancy, Inactivity or Non-Use Fees. According to federal law, both retailers and bank-issued gift card providers can charge a non-use fee against the balance of a gift card if it has been inactive for over a year. In Michigan, post-sale fees are prohibited for retailer gift cards, but are allowed on bank-issued cards

Is there an activation fee for a visa gift card?

You pay $25 for the card, and the recipient has $25 worth of store credit to enjoy. So I was surprised to hear that Target was tacking a fee of $4 onto its cards. "We don't charge an activation fee for our own cards," responded Jenna Reck, a Target spokeswoman. "The $4 activation fee is for the Target Visa gift card."