6th October 2019


Do crepe myrtle trees have invasive roots?

The crepe myrtle root system will not harm your foundation. In fact, the entire crepe myrtle root system is shallow and fibrous, spreading out horizontally up to three times as far as the canopy is wide. On the other hand, it is wise to keep all trees at least 5 to 10 feet away from walkways and foundations.

Also to know is, do citrus trees have invasive roots?

All trees have the potential to become invasive with their root system. This is why tree roots often invade water pipes. It is best to plant citrus and all trees away from houses and cement paths to prevent damage. Citrus trees have broad shallow roots that may become invasive to infrastructures.

Do cherry blossom trees have invasive roots?

Cherry tree root systems grow closer to the surface than those of many other trees, and cherry trees tend to have a large number of surface roots and sucker shoots that grow vertically from them. Because of their shallow root systems, cherry trees have the potential to cause significant damage to surface landscaping.