21st November 2019


Do you wear socks with spikes?

Don't even think about putting them in the clothes dryer (same goes for regular running shoes). * To wear socks or not to wear socks? The thought of bare feet in a pair of spikes is pure bliss to some, kind of gross to others, but either way, going sockless invites blisters. A thin sock is a good compromise.

Thereof, do you run faster with spikes?

Spike shoes tend to be lighter than other types of running shoes, and the lighter weight means you can pick up your feet faster without as much fatigue. The weight of spike shoes varies; sprint spikes, for example, are the lightest, because the runners only have a few seconds and need all the speed they can find.

How many spikes should I put in my track shoes?

The spike plate in a pair of track spikes will have a varying number of spike pins depending on the designated use for the shoe. Sprinting spikes will normally have the maximum allowed, which currently stands at 8. Distance spikes will have less, usually somewhere between 5 and 7.

Can you run on a track with cross country spikes?

A: Of course. They are meant to withstand tougher surfaces than a 400m rubber oval, particularly the Saucony Havok XC. Be careful with wearing track spikes for cross country, though. Many long distance runners own different shoes for cross country and track.