2nd October 2019


How does Lowes store pick up work?

Simply choose "Store Pickup" as your shipping option when you place an order on Lowes.com or on our mobile app. You'll receive an email confirmation and then a follow-up email once your purchase is ready for pickup at your local Lowe's store. Easy, peasy. Please pick up your item(s) within four days of purchase.

Hereof, can Home Depot reprint a receipt?

Is there any way to reprint the receipt if ai have the receipt number? Yes, if you go to your local Home Depot service desk you can get a duplicate receipt printed if you have the transaction information off of your receipt. You can also get a copy if you have the credit card # you made the purchase with.

How do I add a receipt to my Lowes?

With your receipt, you can add in-store purchases to your Lowes.com account. From the Purchases section of your account, click the Add Purchase button. Because you made this purchase in a Lowe's store, select the In-Store option in the purchase type drop-down menu.

How can I track my Lowe's order?

You will receive an email when your order has been shipped. This email will include confirmation of purchase, shipping information and the tracking number you will need to track your order. You can also check your order status online or call 1-800-445-6937 for additional assistance.