28th October 2019


Is Chinese and Korean language the same?

Language structure and word order in Chinese are easier than in Japanese or Korean for English speakers or speakers of European languages. Japanese and Korean have somewhat similar word order, and are vaguely related to the same language family, unlike Chinese.

Similarly, you may ask, what language is most similar to Chinese?

The language closest to Mandarin would be Jin. The languages closest to Cantonese would be the other Yue languages. The closest to Yue would be Pinghua (spoken in Guangxi). Chinese is part of the Sino-Tibetan language family.

Is it easier to learn Japanese or Korean?

For reading and writing, Korean is by far the easiest. It uses an alphabet and quite a logical one that's easy to remember. Korean pronunciation is harder than Japanese for an English speaker, but it doesn't have tones, which is part of what makes it easier than Chinese.

Is the Korean language similar to Japanese?

It is often said that Japanese and Korean are very similar languages. Now this is true to some extent but you can't forget that Japanese and Korean have completely different writing systems and more importantly, the sounds that go along with them.