2nd October 2019


Is the President's Day a national holiday?

Which states observe the Federal Holiday of President's Day. This U.S. public holiday is observed on the Third Monday in February. Though President's Day is one of the 10 US legal federal holidays, it is not a public holiday in all states.

Is the market closed on Presidents Day?

The U.S. stock and bond markets are closed on New Year's Day. The stock and bond markets are also closed on MLK day and Washington's birthday (also known as President's Day). The bond market closes early on the Friday before Memorial Day, but the stock market is open.

Is the post office open on President's Day?

Everything That's Open (and Closed) on Presidents' Day 2018. Many Americans get to enjoy a long weekend this week — and they have George Washington to thank. Presidents' Day arrives every third Monday in February and is a federal holiday, which means most government offices, post offices and banks are closed.