23rd August 2018


What happens when you put copper sulfate in water?

The white solid turns blue in the presence of water. The backward reaction is exothermic - energy is transferred to the surroundings when it happens. When water is added to anhydrous copper sulfate, enough heat is released to make the water bubble and boil.

Is copper sulfate a fungicide?

Using Copper Sulfate As A Fungicide. For many years, copper sulfate solutions have been used as part of a fungicide mixture on trees, shrubs and grapevines. It is very effective against fungi, algae, bacteria and viruses.

Is copper sulfate safe for fish?

Copper sulfate has been used for many years as an algaecide and a parasite treatment. The problem with the use of copper is that there is a thin line that separates effective treatment levels from overdoses, which can kill fish. Copper ions are highly toxic to fish, so care must be taken with the dosage.