4th December 2019


What is a scanner and how does it work?

Scanners operate by shining light at the object or document being digitized and directing the reflected light (usually through a series of mirrors and lenses) onto a photosensitive element. In most scanners, the sensing medium is an electronic, light-sensing integrated circuit known as a charged coupled device (CCD).

What is a scanner input or output?

The computer mouse and scanner fall under the input device category. As the name suggests, input devices are used to send information to the computer. A mouse is used to input the movements of a cursor, while a scanner is used to input physical media into digital format.

What does a document scanner do?

A document scanner is a device that electronically copies content from printed pages and turns it into a computer text file. Small businesses use scanners to digitize legal documents, correspondence, business cards and other types of printed material, saving many hours of laborious manual data entry.