26th November 2019


What is a staccato lead?

4- The Staccato Lead: When the time element is to be emphasized, this lead is used. It consists of a series of phrases, punctuated either by periods or dashes and usually is a form of descriptive lead.

Also know, what are the types of leads?

Types of Leads
  • Summary lead: This is perhaps the most traditional lead in news writing.
  • Anecdotal lead: Sometimes, beginning a story with a quick anecdote can draw in readers.
  • Other types of leads: A large number of other approaches exist, and writers should not feel boxed in by formulas.
  • Summary lead:

What is a descriptive lead?

SUPPLEMENTAL NOTES: Soft Leads. Soft or Delayed Leads. This lead entices the reader or listener into the story by hinting at its contents in a brief narrative or descriptive form. It is usually used with feature stories or longer news stories with a focus on the human aspect of a news issue.

What is the feature lead?

Unlike the traditional summary lead, feature leads can be several sentences long, and the writer may not immediately reveal the story's main idea. It lures the reader in with a descriptive narrative that focuses on a specific minor aspect of the story that leads to the overall topic.