26th November 2019


What is a tailored fit shirt?

A JoS. A. Bank associate can assist you with this. Secondly, decide whether you'd prefer the regular or Tailored Fit. A regular fit is looser around the waist while the Tailored Fit comes in and fits more snugly. Tailored Fit dress shirts work well on thin or athletic men.

Hereof, is tailored fit the same as slim fit?

Slim fit jackets are nipped in at the waist and have narrower-cut shoulders. Trousers are cut in a slim and sleek silhouette to finish off the suit neatly. Tailored fit is a sleek and timeless style of suit. Tailored fit is not as roomy as a regular fit suit and less fitted than a slim or skinny fit suit.

What is a tailored fit?

Tailored fit. Our Tailored Fit Suits have standard lapels. The suit jacket nips in on the waist and the jacket is mid-line in length. The tailored fit suit trousers are lightly tapered and the hem should rest on the top of the shoe.

What is the difference between traditional fit and tailored fit?

Tailored fit, a commonly used term that overlaps with both slim fit and traditional fit, often refers to a shirt that has a yoke of standard width and a moderately tapered waist. It falls somewhere between a traditional-fit and a slim-fit shirt, but it is not as wedge-shaped as an athletic-fit shirt.