2nd October 2019


What is the electrical charge of an electron?

One coulomb consists of 6.24 × 1018 natural units of electric charge, such as individual electrons or protons. One electron itself has a negative charge of 1.6021766208 × 1019 coulomb.

Moreover, is electricity only electrons?

Positive charge isn't "really just a lack of electrons." Electrons and protons are matter, not energy. A flow of electrons is NOT a flow of energy, it is a flow of matter and a flow of electric charge. Same goes for protons: moving protons are electric current, but they're also a matter-flow.

How do electrons flow in an electrical circuit?

The electrons do literally move, both in AC and DC. However, the movement of electrons and the transfer of energy do not occur at the same speed. The key is that there are already electrons filling up the wire all along its length. A common analogy for electrical current in a circuit is the flow of water through pipes.