12th November 2019


What is the function of the cilia?

The Function of Cilia. Cilia (singular: cilium) are microscopic, hair-like structures that extend outwardfrom the surface of manyanimal cells. Multiple cilia willwave in a rhythmic or pulsating motion, and use that motion to keep sensitive internal passagewaysfree of mucus or foreign particles, for example.

Also to know is, what is the structure of the cilia?

Cilia are slender, microscopic, hair-like structures or organelles that extend from the surface of nearly all mammalian cells (multiple or single). They are primordial.

What is cilia and what is it used for?

A tiny hairlike projection on the surface of some cells and microscopic organisms, especially protozoans. Cilia are capable of whipping motions and are used by some microorganisms, such as paramecia, for movement.