2nd October 2019


What time of year are coconuts ripe?

Harvest. The fruit of the coconut palm is harvested at different stages of maturity. For copra, it is harvested fully ripe at about 11 to 12 months when the husk has turned brown. For coir, it is picked at least a month earlier, when the fruit is still green.

Considering this, how do you know if a coconut is good?

Naturally, the more water, the better, so make sure you can hear it when you shake your coconuts! Another way to tell if the coconut has a good amount of water inside is to just feel the weight. A nice, fresh coconut will feel heavy for its size.

Do green coconuts turn brown?

In fact the brown “mature” coconuts are left lying on the forest floor-fodder for whatever can manage to get it open. Typically the green coconuts are eaten. With a green outer husk and gelatinous inner meat, the water of the young coconut is especially prized.

Do coconuts ripen once picked?

Coconuts take around one year to ripen fully. Mature coconuts are brown, while immature fruit is bright green. As the coconut matures, the amount of coconut water is replaced as the meat hardens. Of course, this brings us to the question of whether coconuts ripen after they are picked.