16th October 2019


Which layer of Earth causes Earth to act like a giant magnet?

The outer core is a liquid layer, made mostly of iron and nickel, that moves around the inner core. This motion causes the Earth to act like a giant magnet. The inner core is a solid ball made almost entirely of two metals, iron and nickel.

Besides, what does the troposphere protect us from?

The troposphere has a direct contact with the Earth's surface. Furthermore, the troposphere is protected from the hard ultraviolet radiation of the Sun by the higher layers of the atmosphere, namely by the stratospheric ozone layer.

Why is it important to protect the stratosphere?

The stratosphere is where you'll find the very important ozone layer. The ozone layer helps protect us from ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun. In fact, the ozone layer absorbs most of the UV radiation the sun sends to us.

Why is nitrogen important in the troposphere?

The nitrogen cycle. Nitrogen is essential to all living systems, which makes the nitrogen cycle one of Earth's most important nutrient cycles. Eighty percent of Earth's atmosphere is made up of nitrogen in its gas phase. The first is through bacteria in the soil that form nitrates out of nitrogen in the air.