29th June 2020


Will General Hospital be preempted this week?

Fans of the daytime soap opera 'General Hospital' can watch a replay of today's preempted episode early Tuesday morning, so set your DVR. Governor Ralph Northam's daily conference preempted Monday's episode. Today's scheduled show will now air at 2:36 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Likewise, will General Hospital be on during impeachment hearings?

New episodes of “General Hospitalwill begin airing during overnight hours on Tulsa's Channel 8 while the show is preempted by ABC News coverage of the Senate impeachment trial. Episodes are also available on the ABC website.

Also Know, is General Hospital a repeat today?

Starting this Friday, April 6, the show will air repeat episodes every Friday through May 22. Both the longest-running daytime soap opera currently in production and the longest-running scripted television drama currently in production, “General Hospital” is set to celebrate its 57th anniversary on Wednesday.

Is General Hospital on on demand?

Full episodes will be available for viewers each day on ABC.com and the ABC app at 8:00 p.m. EST. The day after episodes air, fans can also watch on Hulu or On Demand.

Why are they showing reruns of General Hospital?

ABC's General Hospital will roll out weekly “Flashback Friday” episodes (aka reruns) as a means of making the most of its existing inventory while production remains shut down during the coronavirus pandemic. GH will air new episodes Monday through Thursday, as originally planned.